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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 17, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> good evening. parents in marin county send the children to school today thinking it was just another friday. it was not. horrifying accident
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involving a car carrying 5 novato high school students, alcohol and speed factors in the crash. happened on twisting section of novato boulevard near sutro avenue. lillian is live from novato with more on the terrible story. lillian? >>reporter: dan, students at novato high school knew something was wrong when teachers had emergency meeting at the end of the day. still no word from school administrators but the chp says the accident involved 5 teenager boys all under the aim of 18. the crash happened on novato boulevard about half million west of san marin drive just before noon. the chp says the students from novato high were in bmw traveling west on novato boulevard when it was likely speding as it rounded a curve, lost control and hit an oncoming big rig carrying a full load of cattle. one of the students sitting hane the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. 2 others are being treated for mainly injuries while the rae make 2 boys including the driver suffered minor injuries. officers
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arrested the driver for driving without a license and driving upped the influence. they say he was above the adult legal limit of point 08. officers found beer cans ind od smashed liquor bolt in the car. students and parents we talk to are shocked. >> i like him. about you know, one of the guys in my class i really like talking football with him a lot. he's cool. i like him a lot. and. >> we didn't hear about any death. okay well just hold on and wait. then we got more information like someone died and critical injuries. so we are really hoping for the best. >> horrible learning opportunity of what combination of alcohol, cars and poor judgment can do but at such an awful, awful cost. you know. everybody is going to be stricken by this.
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>>reporter: as i said the accident happened just before noon. students tell us lunch doesn't begin until 12:15. because the driver and passengers were all minors, the chp not releasing their names. school administrators say they will make a statement on monday. live in novato, lillian kim, abc 7 news gentleman okay. thanks very much. another tragedy involving a young person. this one killed in the san bruno fire storm. 20-year-old jessica morales died week ago last thursday. friends and family members remembered her tonight at a service in daly city. they tried to make tonight a celebration of her life instead of focusing on how she died. several people spoke at the service but the family decided they did not want cameras inside. understandably. outside the vigil lvd ones told us they will miss her beautiful smile. >> such a beautiful person. such a shame to see someone so young be gone. hear people talking about her and past tense when i only seen her an
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hour and a half before she died. very sad. beautiful pitching coffin she warm front lvd because she was very into fashion. just beautiful person. >>reporter: she did not even live in san bruno. she was at her boyfriend's house when the pipeline exploded. her family says she took the day off work so she could watch the football game on television that nature with her boy friend. he was severely burned trying to save her. he is still in the hospital tonight. mean time pg&e bowing to pun pressure about the high risk pipeline. after a lot of arm twisting the utility appears ready to release a map showing where cement of the long pipe lines are most at risk. more on that story now from david lou. >> the state public utility commission sent this letter to pg&e specifically asking for its list of 100 most hazardous gas line and specific location. that agency along with pg&e have been upped pressure for a week by state
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and federal law makers and by the governor that the public and first responders need that information. >> it has to have the level of detail necessary so we can identify exactly where the pipe goes so that people, who have a right to know what is under their house. >>reporter: pg&e isn't saying what it plans to do although we learned the utility could release maps and the list on monday. >> what exactly is or is not provided and understanding exactly what the c p c is requesting is something that is what we are currently working with with respect to pg&e will be in contact with the c p c to make sure that we completely understand the request and then we'll be able to provide a response. but writ now because we have recently received it we are currently evaluate what we have received. >>reporter: location of high risk pipeline has been mapped by a number of sources. this one was released by pg&e during a rate increase hearing in sacramento last year. state regulators also want pg&e to develop a plan for replacing pipeline with manual shut off valves with automatic valves. ruptured pipe lane at san bruno was one of them
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peninsula residents say they are anxious to get the map from pg&e. >> tough thing. don't want to let the wrong people know that information but in this case i really think that they need to him if let the homeowners know. >> what is more important? people safety, people lives or their security? are they concerned somebody is going to do something bad to them. >>reporter: well a lot could happen between now and over the weekend until monday expected release of the list because there seems to be an apparent disconnect what state officials are asking pg&e to did and aparent confusion by pg&e as to what it plans to do. in the men time jerry hill says that if pg&e is in full disclosure he will introduce a bill that will forts pg&e to comply. in san bruno, david lou abc 7 news. getting a lot of questions about this. find out whether there is a pg&e pipeline running near your home. renter and owners can call
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pg&e that the number. 1-800-7 435,000. and ask about the utility will get back to you with that information. san bruno city officials are offering to help homeowners in the burn zone to clear out the debris from the tragedy. and the ashes and all the rest for free after they sign a waiver. 8 days after the blast obviously enormous amount to do but as wayne explains, some survivors have clearly turned a corner. >> in the blister remnant of san bruno fire zone the shock hats worn off. in it place a sense of purpose. moving forward from the trauma of last week. >> the flames i thought it was just going to come right up the street from one house to the next. to the next. to the next. >>reporter: even thousand clarence will lapse in a stream of conscienceness with only the smallest prompt then he snaps back. >> it just happens. it is gone. >>reporter: he's one of the lucky survivors. man who fled
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his house bare foot with only his 2 dogs. when he left clarence never expected to find a wall of family history still here when he returned. >> see the difference. >> would those have been replaceable? >> no. actually they wouldn't. they would be all gone. >>reporter: for a neighborhood that has been through so much you might expect more anger but it is not here. >> like bumper sticker says. s.happens. >>reporter: another guy with a sense of playing out his hand. >> gone by fast then traumatic and disruptive but everybody in the community pulled together. >>reporter: what happened to him was neither fatal or irreparable that's the difference half block can make. >> when the thing let go if it is like a nuclear bomb. >>reporter: he opened the last house to burn. the one next to bob's who has his own problems. >> blistered car. wrecked house. i focus on the positive. >>reporter: that from a man
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who saw more than his share of disaster. retired police chief of hillsboro. >> about i have never been a victim before. >>reporter: small world of san bruno today that's his son rob. firefighters who grew up in this house. he chose not to talk today. says it is still too emotional. not only has this neighborhood changed in a week so have it people. how are you different this week from last week? >> life is special. >>reporter: more important for him and many other people who survived life goes on. bob told an interesting story after we finished our interview. he said the night after the fire some friend of his invited his family over for dinner. what they had for dinner is note worthy. thanksgiving turkey he said. from san bruno wayne abc 7 news. about frightening fast moving fire in palo alto. it may have been started by a candle that was left burning. neighbors in more than half dozen homes had to make a run
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for it. around 7 this morning. >> smoke detector in the hall went off. >> i woke up. and there was just a bunch of heat and smoke and i got out of my bed. i wept to the room next to my bedroom. that's where the fire was. >>reporter: the fire quickly got out of control. flames shooting out of the roof top of the home as you can see here. 24-year-old john says he tried to put it out but was repelled by the heat. >> piece of a desk set was on fire. all right. and that wa was, that was an infern oychlt he was running around trying to trying to contain it so if we persuaded him to get out because we didn't know how things would develop. >> it was unbelievable. within 2 minutes smoke was billowing if, 10 minutes it was just scary. to see what can happen to a house like this.
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>>reporter: it was scary it moved that fast but thankfully the family all escaped safely. fire is estimated to have caused as much as two million dollars in damage. more to bring enthusiastic friday night. fight over federal stimulus money. tonight how many jobs is it really creating? and could it have an impact on the california senate race? >> concern about a loss of bay area jobs 2 big airlines move a lot closer to becoming just one. >> accu-weather forecast center. weekend partly cloudy and partly shower. show you which day matches which part in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks experience. comedy 2 for. leaders of fake news joined forces to promote the joined forces to promote the serious side of i want you to >>yççñóçi)ññ?o?oxw?w?oó
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>> despite the government effort to stimulate the econom economy, california jobless rate increased slightly in august. unemployment numbers are political liability for democrats party in power. tonight the issue of jobs federal stimulus dollars and the fight at the ballot box in the california senate race. here's mark matthews. >> today the white house rae leased a list of the top 100 stimulus funded projects. makinghe list? 2.8 billion dollars to retrofit the bay bridge. 198
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million to expand the caldecott tunnel. but in spite of the projects in california unemployment rose to 12.4 percent last month. in los angeles senator barbara boxer said without the stimulus spending it would be worse. >> we would have seen another 8 million jobs lost. >>reporter: at today press conference boxer was asked about report just released on 111 million in stimulus money given to the la transportation department and the los angeles department of public works. city controller reports that out of that money just 55 jobs have been created so far because 87 percent of the funds are still tied up in bureaucratic red tape. also campaigning in los angeles today boxer opponent carly. >> i mean how can you say you have created all these jobs when the unemployment rate continues to go up? how can you say you have created all these jobs when a
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city official right here in l.a. says we can only find 50 of them. >>reporter: the controller report is red meat for her leaving boxer to insist that it is the exception. >> are there issues that every single dollar that was spent was perfect? of course not. >>reporter: but boxer says she has seen for herself people hired with stimulus dollars. >> i have met them at construction projects. at the cold cotton el. all over the state. >>reporter: not a strong political position says abc 7 political analyst. >> that's heck of a campaign motto if we hadn't done it things would be worse. that doesn't persuade a lot of people. >>reporter: professor believes voters will judge the success of the stimulus very personal terms. >> people on the ground are going to judge these programs in terms of what it does for them and what it does for their neighbors and what it does for their family. >>reporter: latest poll shows that more americans believe the obama administration is hurting the economy rather than helping. and percentage
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of those that thought the administration was helping that number has fallen by 9 percent points since last spring. the president reelection may have time to recover from this economy but not those incumbent that are facing reelection in less than seven weeks. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. shareholders have approved a merger of quantityed and continental airline. new air line is the largest in the world. it will keep the united name but display continental globe logo. airline ceo hinted there could be lay off where jobs overlap. business times list united as biggest employer in san mateo county with more than 9,000 employees. well wait and see as the merger goes through for the employees there. >> talk about the weekend weather. spencer is here. not talking wash-out but rain is here. >> talk me rain man. we have some showers coming our way. probably on sunday is.
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doesn't lack like it is very heavy. live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville. looking at emeryville and there's a little bit of moisture in the air but there are no reports at the moment of any measurable rain fall hitting the ground anywhere here in the bay area although we have had spotty drizzle and love doppler 7 hd shows there was rain earlier well to the north and almost half inch early this evening. eureka a over tenth of an inch. fizzle out and very little to be found on the radar screen and nothing found yet in the bay area but over the next 48 hours or so maybe sooner we will see rain moving n.right now looking at temperatures in the 60's all around the bay area uniform readings and mid 60's the most part. highlights. more drizzle overnight. spotty drizzle mainly nearly the coast. mild like today and showers will swing through on sunday and again this won't be heavy rainfall but areas of wet weather. satellite radar composite image shows 3 disturbance offshore. this
9:19 pm
one is the main rain maker for us. moving slowly continue to mav slowly in our direction and map in motion 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and fog low cloud drizzle around that will burn back to the coast lane giving us mainly sunny skies inland and break along the coast as well and clouds return tomorrow tonight and early sunday morning we'll see the weak frontal system pushing in the north bay producing showers by 5:00 o'clock in the morning or so and continues to move eastward and south ward and weaningen fall apart as it pushes through but still will produce some shower activity through the daytime hours tapering off in the late afternoon or early evening. now rainfall total will probably not amount to very much in south bay may not get anything at all or up to 1, $100 of an inch parts of the peninsula and east bay see a trace amount up to tenth of an inch. north bay wet east part of the north bay see tenth of' inch an north bay wets area. this is not a mainly rainstorm. overnight tonight again coastal drizzle likely. low cloud and fog
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push across the bay. it will be mild. low pressure mainly in the low 60's upper 50's in the coolest spot. so sort of mild and almost muggy kind of evening. tomorrow day much like today. sunny skies in the south bay with high pressure in the upper 70's there 78 at san jose and campbell. on the peninsula we see high mainly in the low to mid 70's. 76 at red wad city. 75 palo alto and low to mid 60's on the mild day there. 64 in the sun set district. 67 degrees downtown san francisco. see high north bay mainly in the 70's. moving up to about 80 degrees and ukiah as warm as it get in the north bay. low to mid 70's in the nearest bay. upper 70's to about 80 maybe just above in the inland east bay and monterey bay 60's near the bay, low 80's inland and hear is the accu-weather 7 day again showers and caller on sunday. drying out and warming up at bit on monday getting gradually warier tuesday and wed and temperatures won't change very
9:21 pm
much during the we can next we can and up a couple degrees one day and down a couple next day. pretty uniform readings. >> fall is a wonderful time. i have mixed feeling about lasting summer. >> it has been like fall hasn't it. >> all summer. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> coming up here. man pays cash at the toll plaza then gets a fast track ticket in the mail. how do you proof that you paid ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always ts us there... ... sometimes it just takes us little longer to get back. ♪
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b-a-c-c-abaccalaureate.. coect. [ dience groans ] since this competion has been continuing for 48 hours and we have ye to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to dlare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high sed internet affordab for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. a about two-thirds of drivers crossing bay area bridge now use fast trachblingt but thousands more still pay cash. and sometimes even drivers shelling out dollar bills get caught in the fast track system. michael explains one driver's predicament. >>reporter: scott hardly ever crosses bay area bridges so he
9:25 pm
doesn't use fast track. naturally then he paid crash when he crossed the brim on the fourth of july. >> said paid v. a nasty day v. a good 4. screws continued on to sacramento. >>reporter: it was all very routine. except couple weeks later scott received this notice in the mail. fast track claimed he whizzed throughhe toll plaza that day without paying. >> you must pay us this money now. i'm like what is going on. >>reporter: bridge camera snapped this picture of scott license plate. that is supposed to happen only if you don't pay. notice said he owed the 5 dollar toll plus a 25 dollar penalty. >> i called and i'm like what is this? this isn't correct. >>reporter: scott called fast track and it said file an appeal. which he did. scott explained heaid the toll taker. his waive was a witness in the passenger seat and his sister inlaw was a witness in the car behind. however fast track didn't believe him. >> no. we rae viewed our
9:26 pm
documents and our data and you are still in violation. >>reporter: as courtesy however fast track said it would forego the penalty if he just paid the 5 dollar toll. scott says that would have been easy but he didn't lake being called a toll evader. when he wasn't. >> so i called 7 open your side and i'm like i need some help please. >>reporter: we contacted fast track. the agency said when scott crossed the bridge the system detected an invalid fast track tab but he doesn't have one and he never did. so fast track dug deeper and here's what really happened. apparently the system was reading an invalid toll tag from the lane adjacent to skochlt it is called a cross read. rare glitch but it did occur 35 times on that bridge on that day. so fast track dropped the charge entirely. >> we have dismissed the violation. it was a little bit of a relief when we got this. thank you.
9:27 pm
him if you guys are wonderful. >>reporter: so how can you prove you paid cash if you are mistakenly labeled as a violent or? fast track says get a fast track account you won't have to worry. scott says he has a solution. he asks for a receipt. 7 on your side. good idea. when we continues here tonight. threats kidnapping even killings. taliban intimidation tactic as election day dawns in afghanistan. >> mean time in the fire line. against election in general the taliban specifically opposes women seeking office. tonight what one candidate is doing to get her message out. >> former stand up comic and former improv actor will march on washington. the duo and their dueling guar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everhing we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled matenance
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then call an agent at 1-800-state-far >> good evening once again. it is 9:00 a.m. in kabul afghanistan right now. the country is bracing for a listening day of violence from the taliban. there have already been several rocket attack and voting stations prevented from opening as voters head to the poll. this election is expected to test the credibility of the government and strength of its security forces. earlier today the taliban kidnapped 2 candidates and several election workers. they even broke into a jail to free their incarcerated comrades. >> these election are about the afghan themselves. opposing these election intimidate people who participate in these the taliban are making mostly clear for them in the end it is all about pouvrment it is about the power to turn the clock back in afghanistan. >> 2 dozen election workers have been killed in race interest days including one
9:32 pm
tonight. almost half million afghan stoleers police foreign troops working the streets to try to skawr the polyp this election day in afghanistan. and women candidate face particular threat there. nick reports on what one candidate is doing to reduce the risk. >>reporter: as a woman to run for election in afghanistan is to risk your life. she has a stump speech just lick any candidate anywhere. but she's driven by a policeman who is always armed and her rally are always inside. too dangerous for her to campaign outside. sometimes she can only hold private events down back alley. have you received any threats? have you received any intimidation at all. >> yes. i 7 a lot but i think we have enough courage to just step back and go ahead. go for the future of afghanistan. >>reporter: this year a record number of women are
9:33 pm
running for election. but nearly everyone has been threatened. her face was ripped off 2 posters in radical islam women not allowed to be photographed. she has been terrorized t.campaign workers were killed. after she won her last election her husband beat her. >> i don't feel safe she says. i always have two or 3 security guard with me and i would never dare to leave the stishtion a lot of security risk for you. >> yes. >>reporter: is it worth the risk. >> you have to be brave and you have to. >> relation all over the world are going to be facing difficulty. >>reporter: the question is whether problem of violence and fraud will be limited or overwhelm an election where these women have had to risk their lives to run. this is abc news afghanistan. well the united states meantime is hoping a small
9:34 pm
hand crank radio will make a deputy in the taliban propaganda war. radio free europe is handing out 20 thousands of these so-called radio. they can operate in the remote mountain region of afghanistan. many afghan depend on radio to get the information. u.s. says it will broadcast trawvtful account of the role in the war in afghanistan. and to politic here for a few minute. you remember that former president clinton first endorsed then candidate for governor newsom. now mr. mr. clinton will come to california next month to campaign for jerry brown in his push for governor and to campaign for newsom in his bid for lieutenant governor. 2 popular comedian take their brand of political humor on the road. john stewart and steve colbert set october 30 as the date for rival rally in washington. they are clearly aimed at fox news and glen beck in particular. more now from abc sharon. >> we will gather on the
9:35 pm
national mall in washington, d.c. 1 million moderate march u-he's call it the rally to restore sanity. >> but am i the right type of person to go to the rally? p.m. the fact that you would even stop to ask yourself that question as opposed to let's say jumping up grabbing the holy book and strapping on a diaper and pointing your car to dc that means i think you just might be right for it. >>reporter: is the rally just intended to poke fun at glen beck. >> beck in many ways is the direct inspiration. >>reporter: chris smith was cover story on stewart for this month new york magazine. >> he sees this rally as theater. >>reporter: fox news is clearly his favorite foil. >> that's not good. >>reporter: but beyond the jokes stewart is serious about holding fox news accountable. >> he's become a fact checker
9:36 pm
and a god to do better work. >>reporter: after all it was stewart who noticed the story on fox that made a health care rally appear larger than it was. >> if i didn't know better i would think they put 2 different days together and acted like they didn't. >>reporter: when fox questioned the money trail of the so-called ground zero mosque stewart countered. >> use the same logic to actually link fox news with dangerous saudi money. >>reporter: for fox part they dismiss stewart as simply entertainment. while he may be aiming for the funny bone, bone, he's clearly struck a nerve with millions of fans. >> i am not afraid of muslims, tea party, socialist, immigran party, socialist, immigrant, gun owners, gays but i am kind of scared of spiders. >>reporter: likely the call to rally. this is abc news new york. >> still ahead tonight. local restaurants coming under criticism for what they are not paying workers. >> walk on the wild side.
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>> u.s. airway flight made emergency landing late this afternoon at sfo. happened after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. but the airport man year says the smoke had cleared by the time the plane landed and emergency was declared as precaution. no injuries reported. the passengers were put on other flights. well as soon as you see this video it takes your breath away. toddler crawling into the street. he's okay but it was scary. after waking up by the side of the road a 1-year-old baby probably thought it would be fun to crawl toward the busy street. as he leaves the safety of the sidewalk climbing down directly to the
9:41 pm
pavement a car and then a truck get in his way. dodging traffic the boy takes a break and drivers finally slow down. that's when the mother arrives about. she had fall he be asleep while begging on the walk and that's when the baby was able to crawl away but there you can see the baby crawling right toward the cars. thank goodness okay. was not hit. unhurt. scary. for everyone involved. skating new report released today china town restaurant in san francisco sweat shop for employee. report says 50% of the worker don't even make the minimum wage which in the city is 9.79 an hour. story tonight from don sanchez. >>reporter: china unto. favorite san francisco tourist attraction with a hidden secret. according to a new report from the chinese progressive association and uc berkeley public health it says 50% of the restaurant workers 7 less than minimum wage. 20 percent are required to work
9:42 pm
more than 60 hours a week and 95 percent of them don't 7 a living wage. >> there were all kind of other violations of basic human rights. >>reporter: she was surprise surprised. >> work she did didn't give her benefit. no break time. 6 days awe go and she the only reason she had to keep on doing it because she had to support her family. >>reporter: then this place. he earns 6 dollars an hour at the poultry market and he wasn't paid for two months. city we know after the owner and she closed. >> nearly half of the complaints that we 7 are from restaurant workers. >>reporter: this is one of the restaurantsok they said had issues with working addition and wages. they were able to recover wages for employee that had been withheld but the restaurant has since changed ownership and we really don't have an update on the status. >> we know these abuses happen but this isn't the first time item coming to public light how bad it is. >> these numbers are
9:43 pm
outrageous and frankly criminal. >>reporter: joined by 3 other supervisor putting the issue on the front burner for the beard. report says solutions include a worker bill of rights and enforcing existing laws. there are restaurant that do the right thing. but we are told no one wants to talk about it. in china town, sachl bc 7 news. >> many of those restaurants are represented which the golden gate restaurant association. the group did not have anyone to address this report. didn't want to talk about it today. >> bay area company where making coffee spans yen ration. up next. why it may be forced to trade beans for baseball. olympic gold medalist mostly. the he attempts some mostly. the he attempts some free style trick without woul't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a li her nose wouldrow? newspape report the claims in this meg whitman ad are fals
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>> for those who work and shop along the waterfront at jack london square in oakland a change could be coming. change involve coffee. you know people don't hike change when it comes to their coffee. as wayne reports it also involves something else that people are passionate about. jeans baseball. >> it seems to be perpetual motion. produce row along third street in oakland. place of import. export. tradition. and history. but if you read the headlines these days it may also be a neighborhood in transition. >> i could not see a ballpark here that's my personal opinion. >>reporter: spoken lake man with 85 employees and legion of loyal customers. >> i am willing to stand in line. this is not bad. even if they are ordering like 5 different coffee drinks i'm willing to stand in line. >>reporter: peerless coffee 3 generation family business. george senior still works in the same office next to his wife sonya and their kid were
9:48 pm
here, too, from george junior the president to sister christina who oversees finances and the site and the immigrant who founded this in 1924. >> he wanted to be the best coffee finks after all those years the place is full of surprises. in the back sonya assembled one of the bay area more obscure but complete museum. all about coffee and the company. stocked with items small and large. >> it mint 1922 condition. >>reporter: but interesting. sonya coffee museum is on it own there is another one an active working museum if you feet away. just like the rest of this neighborhood it is a busy place. making coffee begins with big bags from all around the world. stacked
9:49 pm
from floor to ceiling in bin and barrel. this is no foley jersey or starbucks. >> in terms of the coffee world we are small. >>reporter: but not flavor. >> superb. >>reporter: specialty stuff chok full of family secret. beans need to cool xhaetly and then sealed in bag as till venting that's why could have fee bag have little pressure valve. >> you have to have a which for the gases to leave the packaging otherwise we show up tomorrow and we would have blown up bags an beans everywhere. >>reporter: looming dilemma possible trade of bean for baseball. >> can tradition move? i think a tradition can move. sure. just not easy. >>reporter: when they built this company they did it taste at a time. generation at a
9:50 pm
time. living proof that in the coffee business at least a family that cup and work together stays together. but here whether knows? from oakland, abc 7 news. all right. weekend has arrived. let's go back and touch base with spencer christian to update the forecast. >> before we get to the forecast quick look at live doppler 7 hd. wait up northeasterly year and nothing happening here in the mead yacht bay area but here's the forecast and see rain is on the way after assign and muggy mild day tomorrow showers develop on sunday and not expecting heavy downpour but there will be spot of wet weather thrust the day on sunday is. all end sunday afternoon or evening giving way to sunny sky on monday and remainder of the forecast, mainly sunny skies. wednesday fall officially arrives and equinox. don't miss it. >> just one day appearance. >> all right. >> catch it while it is hot. thank you very much. >> on to larry and all the
9:51 pm
sports. baseball. >> giants. hard to win if you can't score. that is the situation tonight jints try to hang on to first place in the national league west. cal bears try to hang on to the national ranking. shane spectacular this evening in spectacular this evening in rain 0but would shane be
9:52 pm
but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion out his tax record wasjust plain wrong." jerry bwn went out there and took credit for the fac hat the people of california voted for propositi 13, which loweredaxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking creditor it. he raised taxes as governor of califora. he had a surplus when he took office nd a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people e truth.
9:53 pm
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yea! psshht! voil that's cool. ok let's go. hey, wait. where's my 20? hey, what's up, dude? chase checking. welcometo b. chase what matrs. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. white house thinks hyped sarah palin visit to iowa tonight. >> and turns out that the weird weather in new york city is even weirder than we knew. this is stories and more coming up in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. but now to sports and larry and all watching with baited breath when the giant play. >> allergy soap. and giants are allergic to scoring runs again. nothing lost nothing gained one tonight after exploding against the dodgers. weren't back in the drought against milwaukee but second
9:55 pm
praise padres also lost 14-4 to st. louis. giants still in first. this is taking orange friday to new level. commitment. top of the first. right to work against madiso madison. milwaukee up 1 nothing. head to the top of the fifth. come home with it but throw is off the mark. kc scores. then in the seventh george with the chopper to jeremy. giants having a hard time throwing home tonight. that gets away. 3 nothing brewers. randy wolf tremendous in the game. 3 hit shut out. giants lose 3 zip but they remain in first place by half game. minnesota face the hottest team in baseball. about top 5. 1 nothing a adding on to that miguel hole in the right side. here comes the throw off lane. scores in the sixth. scoring with long
9:56 pm
ball here. not a lot of homeers if they did jack is probably the guy. opposite field for the 12th and a's back at 500 100 with rare friday night game and this is kind of walking into the buzz saw facing a good nevada squad on the road in reno. expecting a shoot out that's exactly what the game turn out to be. about shane running downhill. fish make one cut an he is gone. aloha. 59 yards tied at 7. wolf pack answer with two straight td. run the pistol offense and read option and just miraculous with 21-7. bears rank 24th in the nation watching this ranking. give up the first run wreat. look at this one. you think they will catch it. breaking jobs at, who, don't eat him. cal down 24-21. big mistake
9:57 pm
kevin riley how much does cal do this? intercepted. marlin johnson 65 yard. right now wvl pack in the fourth quarter leading cal 38-24. if you like getting big air new attraction in san francisco the house of air. just opened and ambassador today. lucky gold meltist johnny merchandise. >> with that the ribbon somewhat dangerously cut on the house of air. 5 trampoline structure where you jump and slide to your heart op tent. >> always a smile open your face any team you jump on a trampoline. fifth activity. >> house of air sits appropriately in an old airplane hanger. kid are fearless but anybody can bounce in at any age. >> we had a guy in here last night was 69. >>reporter: get outcome on. >> swear to godment on our facebook. doing a great job. >>reporter: for those with zero trampoline
9:58 pm
experience, these tips are helpful. >> when you land point your toes and lock your knee. >>reporter: after only a few minutes by his master tricks of the 7-year-old. >> this is mogul team technique. >> show off. but you get to show off when a gold medal winner skiing. this is the matrix with ease. my dream. 2 if jump on the speed. >> not sure we are ready for dunking yet. they are trying to lower and captain get it low enough. that's pathetic. >> i'm going to dunk man can't get to get up there and dunk. a little harder than it looks. ended up being the dunke instead of the dunk or. >>reporter: humbling experience. >> all right larry might have started you a little bit too high temperature thinks more your speed. this is bouncey house junior bouncey house. daisy does nice job o. that. want to try it?
9:59 pm
many. >> i wouldn't mess with daisy either. >> this is more my speed. i should say just in my open defense the rim is set at 12 feet high. nba rim is tep 10 feet high. ever to get it did you know to continue feet now we are talking tough. come on 12 feet. >> it could be fwichbility you are right. as i said earlier johnny mostly tremendous. me horrendous. >> even daisy dunking at some point. you are good in sports. between the 2 of us we have jurat left of sick-year-old. combined between johnny and him. >> thanks very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news for larry and spencer and ken, thanks for watching. 7 news leather:00 over on news leather:00 over on channel


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